Dear Clients and Friends of S+R’s Qualitative Fieldwork Practice,

Over the past year, we have decided to focus our business to become a strategic research and insights consultancy.  To this end, we’ve gradually transitioned some capabilities that were best served by other partners in the research industry to ensure focus and investment in the competencies that provide us with the best way to grow, evolve our model, create the best opportunities for our people and deliver the best outcomes for our clients.

As a continuation of this process, we are transitioning the Qualitative Fieldwork Practice (QFP) that provided you with recruiting and facility services. We have partnered with Schlesinger Group, a leading recruitment, and fieldwork company, to absorb QFP’s responsibilities, people, and clients.  As of August 20, 2018, Susan Stanicek, and the QFP team will begin to service their clients as Schlesinger Group employees.

We are grateful for the many contributions of our QFP colleagues and are thrilled that they will continue their careers at one of the leading qualitative research companies in the world. And for you, our clients, you couldn’t be in better hands. You will now have access to the combined power of the expert S+R team and their institutional knowledge of your projects as well as Schlesinger Group’s extended reach and world-class facilities.

On behalf of Shapiro+Raj, I want to thank you again for your support over the last 60 years and wish you continued success.

Here’s to new beginnings!
Best Regards,

Zain Raj
Chairman & CEO

Tim Sauer
Senior Vice President – Client Solutions

Phone: +1 (203) 899-0475

Susan Stanicek
Vice President – Client Solutions

Phone: +1 (312) 698-4391


Shapiro+Raj’s Qualitative Fieldwork Practice, formerly known as Survey Center Focus, has supported its clients for 60 years. In that time we’ve pioneered new approaches and methodologies within the industry. We connect you with qualified, thoughtful, creative and articulate respondents to get you the answers that you need and lead you to greater insights.

Our award-winning practice provides project management, recruiting and world-renowned facilities, expert moderators and facility partners around the globe to ensure the best experience.

We leverage our experience, knowledge, and innovative tools to deliver Next-Gen Qualitative Research.


Research will only provide good insights and ideas when you are talking to the right people. Our unique proprietary SOCIAL ADAPTIVE RECRUITING tools help identify fresh, qualified and hard-to-reach respondents based on their behaviors.

Our innovative tools and approach

Adaptive Listening™
We set up listening campaigns via the top social channels and selectively target respondents based on their behavior


Social Channels
We’re active on Facebook and Twitter, in closed and public support groups


Proprietary database
And panels

To support specialty Panels and MROC


On-the-ground recruiting
We find potential respondents where they live, work, and play

Respondents are Screened and vetted by our
Dedicated team of in-house interviewers & recruiters



Our deep experience with project management allows us to manage all cities for our clients. We keep close tabs on scheduling across time zones, various locations, and multiple coordinators. We support you at any level of service you may need.


We have vetted the top moderators across the nation and will find the best fit for your project. Our moderators are experts in their field and can help leverage your research to get the best insights.


In addition to recruiting, our research team can help manage screener and discussion guide development, reporting, video editing, and interactive deliverables.


Shapiro+Raj’s Qualitative Fieldwork Practice is a full-service focus group facility that is regarded as one of the top in the world. Our downtown Chicago location offers you a large variety of room configurations, and our staff works tirelessly to stay one step ahead of every request you or your clients could dream up.

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