Trying to find that Elusive Target? Social Adaptive Recruiting Can Help.

The year is coming to a rapid close, but it’s not too late to complete that hard-to-find consumer or patient study. Our innovative Social Adaptive Recruiting method makes challenging recruits feasible, faster and yields higher quality respondents.

Social Adaptive Recruiting Defined

Social Adaptive Recruiting (SAR) is a holistic recruitment method that combines adaptive social listening, online group and forum participation and on-the-ground social interaction to identify respondents based on their behaviors.

How does it work?

It’s simple—you go where people are. Whether it’s on social platforms, online group conversations or where people physically live, work and play, the heart of social recruiting is participation and interaction in their world.

What are the benefits?

  • Find the hard-to-find. By accessing major public social networks and hundreds of millions of users, Adaptive Listening™ pinpoints social conversations around even the narrowest topic of interest. Layering on forums, groups, online communities and on-the-ground recruiting allows you to identify those challenging recruits.
  • Freshen your respondent pool. SAR tools allow you to cast a broader net to find new people who mirror the behaviors you’re seeking instead of relying on stale databases.
  • Qualify respondents by actual behaviors, not self-reporting. While the trusty screener is a go-to for identifying participants, one of the pitfalls is sometimes what people say they do, isn’t actually what they do. SAR techniques get around this by observing what people are posting, discussing and sharing with others.

Great insights start with finding the right people. Social Adaptive Recruiting is next generation qualitative recruiting. Find out how it can work for you.