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At Shapiro+Raj we combine world-class research and analytic expertise with battle-tested brand and marketing strategy capabilities. We have built a new model for clients that offers more than what research firms and strategy firms independently offer now, providing big ideas grounded in rigorous data.

Our integrated research strategy consultancy helps clients find new pathways to grow.



Sixth-largest independent research company in North America + Working with Fortune 500 clients + 60-year history + Commitment to delivering growth + Privately held Minority Business Enterprise


Today we are inundated by a deluge of data and deafened by the cacophony of content. It takes a special kind of consultancy to not only understand this world but also how to succeed in it. We use rigorous social science-based approaches and analyses to find and organize the right information from multiple sources. Then we chisel all of that information—using our expertise and experience—into surprising, powerful insights. Insights that inspire big ideas, creating expansive opportunities for brands.



We have the capabilities, expertise, and resources to help address any challenge our clients may face.
Here are just a few of the things we do best.

Brands need to constantly evolve. Our battle-tested strategists armed with proprietary methods, tools, and approaches help clients find new strategic growth opportunities.

Brand + Marketing Strategy

A deep understanding of customers is critical for success. Our proprietary approaches and methodologies provide compelling ways to deliver powerful experiences that build deeper engagement, deeper loyalty, and improved business vitals.

Customer + Loyalty Engagement

No brand can win the differentiation battle without finding new ways to serve their customers and attract new prospects. Our people, processes, and approaches deliver successful innovations in some of the toughest categories out there.

Strategic Innovations

Today’s hyper-fast world requires methods and tools that can deliver insights quickly, efficiently, and accurately. Our tools have been developed over the past 15 years by users—strategists and business executives—to help them get to market with the best answers and the highest degree of confidence.

Proprietary Tools

Connecting data from the digital domain with primary and secondary research, in real-time, is an imperative in today’s hyper-complex environment. With the acquisition of MutualMind, a top-tier social media company, we now connect data from multiple streams to deliver smarter answers, faster.

Digital Intelligence

Getting to deeper insights requires connecting with the right people. Our award-winning practice provides project management, recruiting, an award-winning facility in the heart of Chicago, and connections to expert moderators and facilities around the world to ensure the best experience.

Qualitative Fieldwork


We have highly credentialed research and analytics professionals paired with brand planners and strategy consultants to deliver a perfect blend of whole brain thinking. So, whether you call us thought leaders or experts, scientists or strategists, we have the knowledge and experience to get at the deep human truths.
(We are human, after all.)

Zain Raj

Zain Raj

Chairman & CEO

Bonnie Culp

Chief Operating Officer
Chief Financial Officer
Kim Mizrahi

Kim Mizrahi

Senior Vice President
Client Services

Amir Kapadia

General Manager

Julie Coulter

Senior Vice President
New York

Michael Czuba

Senior Vice President
Strategy & Planning

Elbert Singleton

Senior Vice President

Jeff Wygant

Senior Vice President, Creative Strategy


The frameworks developed at Shapiro+Raj are informed by the intellectual capital developed by our CEO over his three decades of helping brands grow around the world. These are brought to life in two marketing and sales best-sellers.

Brand Rituals: How Successful Brands Bond with Customers for Life posits that companies and their brands have the ability to drive significant business impact by creating a bond with their most devoted customers—Brand Rituals™.

Marketing for Tomorrow, Not Yesterday: Surviving and Thriving in the Insight Economy™ maps how marketers can conquer complex business problems and learn to thrive in today’s Cambrian era of marketing by understanding the value of their core customers and getting back to basics.

Brand Business


For over 60 years, we have focused on helping companies grow and evolve through a changing landscape.



We work with some of the most recognized and respected companies in the world. We have helped solve brand and marketing challenges, build and nurture customer relationships, and helped find innovative answers to some of the toughest challenges. This is a representative list of companies we have partnered with.


“Shapiro+Raj has helped us deliver new insights into our toughest business challenges. I love working with them. They’re talented, strategic thinkers who really understand how to uncover insights that drive decisions.”

Director of Insights and Innovation
– Pharma/Healthcare

“Shapiro+Raj’s Qualitative Fieldwork Practice is one of our most trusted and valued partners in the country. They handle with care each and every project from national blogging to Chicago-based immersions. S+R’s recruiting, project management and on-site facilities are outstanding. Whether working with hard-to-find specs, a glitchy algorithm or challenging timeline, I sleep better at night when their teams are involved in our jobs. The collective pride they take in their work shows at every level. We are always pleased to bring our business and our clients to S+R.”

SVP, Insights – Integrated Advertising Agency

“We were impressed with the science behind the research capability but what is of most value to me was BAR’s ability to identify the actionable insights. It was not just here are the results and good luck. It was here are the insights, here’s what they mean and here are some ideas on how you can bring them to life creatively.”

SVP Marketing – Snacks and Beverages

“The level of commitment to understanding our business, how it works and providing insights that drive our growth, exceeds expectations.”

Director of Marketing – Consumer Packaged Goods

“For over 20 years I have turned to Shapiro+Raj for the research on strategic, brand-building insights to keep us competitive.”

Senior Director, Market Research – Restaurant and Food Service

“Shapiro+Raj is the partner I turn to to help us answer our challenging, strategic questions. We’ve worked together for years and they’ve never let me down. They have helped us deliver new insights into our toughest business challenges.”

Executive Director – Pharma/Healthcare

“I’ve counted on S+R as a strategic partner in uncovering ‘a-ha’ consumer insights that drive actionable paths for brand revitalization and profitability.”

SVP of Marketing – Omnichannel Retail

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